10 Things Guys Hate About Girls

10 Things Guys Hate About Girls

Being that sparkling gem in the eyes of guys works wonders for most of us and, of course, also acts as an esteem boost. But sometimes in order to impress him, we girls tend to go overboard with our methods. Here are a few things that guys hate in girls.

1. Complaining

Okay, so maybe your next door neighbor is a pain in the neck but when all you do is complain about it 24×7, the case tends to change. We all hate someone who complains too much. So let’s put the complaining to the minimum because it isn’t really impressing anyone.

2. Asking for money

Guys like to be girls to be independent, even financially. That is why, they expect a girl to never ask for money from them. Of course, once in a while it’s fine to lend money, especially if it is an emergency. But constantly asking for money is complete turn off. So, avoid asking or pestering them for money.

3. Flirting with other guys

They too have feelings, you know! Avoid giving those welcoming looks to other guys as it tends to make your guy feel insecure. He might feel vulnerable and may even go away from you.

4. Being submissive

Just because you’re a girl, it doesn’t mean that you have to always submit yourself to a guy. Guys like the occasional challenge that their girl offers and will get bored with the lack of it. So, don’t just accept everything he tells, once in a while fight for what you think is right.

5. Backbiting

Perhaps your best friend just cheated on you and all you can do the whole day is backbite about her. Not exactly a habit in the good books of the guys. They hate to have to hear it all the time. Keep it on the low and maybe also try to ask for solutions from your guy. Let the conversation be interactive.

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