10 Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

10 Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

The human body needs adequate amount of vitamins and minerals to operate properly. The reason why Vitamin D acts as an important element for the human body is because it plays a pivotal role in calcium homeostasis and bone health. It also helps in proper functioning of the body, and lessens the risk of illnesses and infections. Listed below are few symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency that will help you to take precautions right from the start.

1. Flu

One of the most basic symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency is the flu. With this, you easily get prone to viral infections and respiratory diseases, especially in case of children. However, the adequate amount of Vitamin D intake reduces the risk of respiratory disorders and keeps you healthy.

2. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that stays for life and has no cure till date. But you can definitely keep control of the symptoms with the help of various treatments. As Vitamin D is mainly useful for skin and skin-related diseases, psoriasis can also be kept in control with sufficient amount of Vitamin D intake. The most common signs of psoriasis are redness on the skin, inflamed skin, disorders in fingernails and toenails, and bleeding while scratching. If you experience any such symptoms, it is advisable to go for a checkup immediately.

3. Chronic kidney disease

If you are a patient of chronic kidney disease or in dialysis, your body is unable to extract the useful elements from Vitamin D. In this case, Vitamin D supplements have to be taken, which will thereby help in sustaining the calcium metabolism, and will decrease the chances of any kind of bone diseases.

4. Diabetes

The intake of Vitamin D reduces the chances of diabetes in the long run. It is advised, especially to children, to have exposure to Vitamin D through sunlight. This will help them stay healthy and fit. In case you have diabetes, consult your doctor for the best Vitamin D supplements and foods.

5. Muscle weakness

If you feel weak or your muscles get tired very easily, it is one of the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. The skeletal muscles in the body need to function properly, and this can happen only when you have proper consumption of Vitamin D. If you feel any kind of weakness in the muscles, then it is recommended to have supplements of Vitamin D or go to the doctor.

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