10 Surprising Marriage Laws

10 Surprising Marriage Laws

Marriage laws are different depending on the country, religion and history. But within our country, there are so many marriage laws that are different in each state. What is legal in one state can get you into trouble in another part of the country. Some of these marriage laws are so funny and so weird that you won’t even know that you are breaking a few laws until you get into actual trouble. Here are some of the marriage laws that can truly surprise you.

1. Get your marriage annulled if you married as a prank

It could have been a prank or just a are that got you married in the first place. In Delaware, this is grounds enough to get your marriage annulled.

2. Get married if you propose

If you just give a ring, without the intention of getting married, you can get into some serious trouble in southern Carolina.

3. Get arrested for sleeping nude with your wife

In Salem, you can be charged for sleeping in the buff with your wife, if you have been renting a room. Pack your pajamas when you plan on visiting Salem the next time.

4. Get permission to wear false teeth

If you are in Vermont and have lost all your teeth for whatever reason, you need to get permission from your husband before you can get on a pair of dentures or false teeth. Talk about teething problems.

5. Get your manners right in front of your mother in Law.

Be nice to her, even if you don’t like her if you are in Wichita Kansas, for your bad behavior towards your mother in law can be used as grounds for divorce in this place. Living with the in laws becomes a tad more insufferable in this town.

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