10 Simple Ways To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

10 Simple Ways To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

You spend time, energy and money on shopping for clothes from mall to mall. Since you invest these precious assets of your life on clothes, it’s natural for you to find it difficult to part with them. There are plenty of such clothes in your wardrobe that you would never give away for all the riches in the world. Some of your clothes remind you of some things, that’s why they are so special to you. But, when you use them less and stack them more, it’s obvious that they’ll suffer from wear and tear. That’s why, we’ve come up with 10 ways to help you make your clothes last longer!

1. Purchase with caution

While you’re shopping, make sure that you find out the kind of care that a particular garment requires. It may be very tempting to pick an outfit, even if it requires special care. However, unless you think that you will be able to take proper care of the garment, don’t purchase it. For example, if you cannot afford to dry clean your clothes on a regular basis, don’t buy such clothes.

2. Divide and rule

Each outfit is made out of a different fabric and, hence, the care it requires differs. The best way is to sort your clothes according to the kind of care they require. Separate the daily wear from those that require special care. It will make things a lot more easier when you’re picking them up to wash or iron them.

3. Hang or fold

Some clothes can easily be folded and placed in your wardrobe, while there are others like cocktail dresses or suits that need to be hung on the hanger. Make sure that you identify them carefully. Don’t hang clothes that can be folded and don’t ever fold clothes that need to be hung.

4. Never wash dark and light-colored clothes together

Many dark-colored clothes tend to lose color while washing. If you wash them along with your light-colored clothes, it will simply ruin all your other clothes. Hence, make sure that you wash them separately, unless you’re 100% percent sure that the color won’t run.

5. Separate delicate fabrics

There are certain fabrics like lace, satin and net that require more care while you wash. There are some others with too much of glitter that require only dry cleaning. So, make sure that you carefully separate them from the rest of your clothes.

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