10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Gay

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Gay

Boyfriend is the one whom you love the most and with whom you want to spend the whole of your life. You might be feeling awkward suspecting your boyfriend to be gay. This is quiet normal these days. The most important thing to make sure is to discover if your boyfriend is homosexual. Don’t get cheated. There are various signs that you may notice in him to find it out whether he is gay or straight. Listed here are some signs that tell your boyfriend is gay.

1. The way he looks

Looks speak a lot about your personality. Always look at your boyfriend. Body movements define masculine personality. If he is a real guy, he will move with his chest open and have firm steps while walking. The way his arms move and his physique will talk a lot about his orientation.

2. Time spent in bathroom

Guys spend very less time in the bathroom. If your guy spends more time than spent by you, it’s a matter of doubt. Guys use lesser cosmetics and do not bother much about their wardrobe or shoe collection. But if your guy acts otherwise, he might be gay.

3. Interest in cosmetics

Most guys don’t have anything to do with your cosmetics. If he keeps a continuous check on the lipsticks and nail paints you wear, there are chances that he might be gay. Homosexuals are more attracted to the ways women dress themselves.

4. Consciousness about his looks

Gay guys are more conscious about their looks. They take a lot of time deciding whether their clothes and shoes are matching or they suit them or not. They take a lot of time styling their hair and keep checking if they do not put on an extra weight to maintain their figure size.

5. Choice of clothes

Guys usually do not like clothing that is figure hugging. But gays like trendy clothes that fits appropriately to their body. So, if your guy follows the latter, you better be alarmed.

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