10 Signs You are Ready to Get Married

10 Signs You are Ready to Get Married

Marriage is always that elusive occasion in life that women want to ensure is beautiful and well worth the wait. But marriageable age is seldom the same for every woman. So, how do you gage if you are ready for marriage? Check out these signs that you are ready to get married.

1. You both are on the same page

When both of you want the same things in life, it means you both can think of marriage. Some instances could include living in the same city, same thoughts about wanting or not wanting kids and mutual interests that make you want to lead a life with him.

2. He brings out the best in you

When you are with him, you are happy, feel confident and he wipes away any traces of discomfort that you may otherwise have. He makes you feel that you are his first priority and makes you put on your best shoes forward.

3. You always think of leading life with him

You are constantly invaded with thoughts of spending the rest of your life with him. You think of him most times of the day and how it would feel like if he’s with you at all important times of your life.

4. You have come to terms with his flaws

Most marriages fall apart because there is a lack of acceptance of each other’s imperfections. When both of you are fully aware of each other’s flaws and are completely willing to live with each other despite the flaws, you are ready to get married.

5. You can communicate well with him

In marriage, being able to communicate what you need and want is important. When all that is important is said and done and there still continues to be a huge love rush, you are most likely ready for commitment.

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