10 Signs That You Do Not Love Him Anymore

10 Signs That You Do Not Love Him Anymore

Relationships wear with time. Sometimes, it happens that something your guy says or does tends to hurt you. No matter how hard you try to consciously forget the incident, at a subconscious level, you are unable to wipe out that incident. This is when you slowly start drifting from him. You even fail to realize that you are actually losing interest in him. That’s the reason why you start bickering over silly things and try to keep away from him. This causes a lot of mental turmoil. In order to save you from further stress, we’ve brought to you a list of 10 signs that denote that you don’t love him anymore.

1. You don’t bother to return his calls

He would probably assume that you’ve been so busy with work that you didn’t even get two minutes to spare or that you must have lost your phone. But the reality is, you just don’t want to speak to him. Hence, you don’t bother to return his calls.

2. You flirt with boys in front of him all the time

When a girl thinks of a guy as being more than a friend, then she won’t flirt with someone else at any cost. But, when you start losing interest in a guy, you tend to flirt with the other male friends around. This is could be because you don’t wish to spend some private time with him. You have no intentions to make him feel jealous. It’s just that you don’t want to be with him.

3. You shun away from him like a fly

Girls always respect the ones whom they are interested in. But, when you are not interested, you act the opposite. There can be no other explanation for belittling him, often forgetting promises made to him and choosing everything else over him.

4. You don’t feel like committing to him

When he tries to talk about the future together, you just change the topic. It is time to face the fact. You do this because you don’t want to have a future with him. The ultimate thing is, you aren’t that into him.

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