10 Signs of Depression in Teens

10 Signs of Depression in Teens

Teenage is a very difficult and challenging time for your child. Though teenagers are often viewed as rebellious who are always trying to create trouble, yet if you look closely you’ll find the child coping with peer pressure, school work, parental expectations and societal norms. Obviously in today’s fast paced world and cut-throat competition, all these tend to contribute towards depression in teens. Teenagers react differently than adults when they experience depression. Here are 10 signs with which you can recognize if your teenager is depressed.

1. Feeling angry most of the time

Teenagers are just learning to grapple with such a wide variety of human emotions. So when they feel depressed, they often tend to become short-tempered and express their anger by shouting, banging doors and the likes.

2. Feeling useless or worthless

Has your teenager started viewing his life as ‘worthless’? Does he/she often talk about how ‘useless’ he/she feels like? These are signs that your child is heading towards the dark world of depression.

3. Feeling sad without reason

Do you find him gloomy without a plausible reason, and has it started happening too often? It’s probably time for you to dig deeper and offer some help.

4. Experiencing changes in sleeping pattern

Another major sign of depression in teens is the drastic change in sleeping pattern and sleeping habits. Either you’ll find your teenager sleeping excessively or sleeping too little. Whatever the case, you need to be cautious and monitor him/her carefully for further signs.

5. Experiencing changes in appetite

Some teenagers cope with depression and stress by eating excessively and some just stop eating! Whatever the case, just be cautious.

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