10 Signs Of A Good Parent

How To Know If You Are A Good Parent?

Giving birth to a child is the noblest deed that can be. Although rearing a child is a difficult task, it is also one of those responsibilities that provides you with a feeling of satisfaction that you reared a good human being. Parents play a pivotal role in shaping the character and nature of their children. A good parent is the one who imparts the right virtues and morals to his/her children. So how do you know if you are a good parent? Here’s the answer. You are a good parent if:

1. You express your love

The first and foremost thing that a child expects from his/her parent is lots of love. They understand the language of love only through hugs, kisses and cuddles. So, display your affection more often. Your frequent displays of affection will also make them feel secure about your relationship with them and make them, confident enough to tackle things in life.

2. You spend time with them

The best thing you can gift your child is your time. Although household chores and office work take up a major part of your daily life, make sure you spare many hours of the day for them. This is more important during the growing-up years when they need your assistance every now and then. For them, your proximity is the solution to every need.

3. You allow them to take up responsibilities

As your toddlers begin their journey towards young age, allow them to handle age-appropriate responsibilities. For example, keeping their toys in place by themselves. Taking up responsibilities will prepare them for the bigger responsibilities that are awaiting them in the future.

4. You reward them for their good deeds

Whenever they do some good thing, you must ensure you reward them in the right way. This will reinforce the right behavior in them. To illustrate, whenever they tidy the house, allow them more play time in the garden, instead of allowing them to play games on the computer, since this affects their eyes.

5. You don’t criticize them for the bad actions

If they do something wrong, you shouldn’t blame them or get upset with them. Instead, you make them realize their mistakes. You should teach them the right way of doing things. For example, if your child beats another child in a fit of rage, instead of telling them that they are bad, tell your child, what they did was wrong. In place of that, they should have told you if the other child was doing something wrong.

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