10 Signs of a Cheating Husband

10 Signs of a Cheating Husband

There might have been some time when you suspected your husband of cheating but couldn’t confront him as you were not sure whether you were right or were simply suspicious. This is a common scenario but the question is how can you be certain that he is indeed seeing someone behind your back and catch him red-handed? Enlisted here are some signs of a cheating husband. Read them, cross check with your husband’s activities and get your answer.

1. New found interests

Has he suddenly developed a love for impressionist paintings or has started visiting the museum which he hated from his guts before? This could indeed be a sign that something might be going on which he is hiding from you.

2. Too much or too less attention

While paying less attention to you suddenly may seem to be sufficient explanation that there is someone else in his life, it could also be that he is indeed too busy with his work or he is not well. So you have to make sure what the reason is before pronouncing him guilty. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the possibility that he starts showering too much attention on you all of a sudden. This could also be an indication that he is feeling guilty inside.

3. Too much importance to looks

Has he started frequenting the salon or is hitting the gym in all earnestness? Keep your eyes open to this new found importance to his looks as it could imply that there is someone else he is trying to win over.

4. Out till late at night

If he is indeed cheating on you, there is every possibility that he will make excuses of too much pressure at the workplace and stay out till late at night. If this goes on for a sufficiently long time when his coworkers seem to be doing just fine, it should be sufficient proof for you to suspect him of seeing some other chick behind your back.

5. Calls at odd hours

If he has started getting calls at odd hours and sometimes even late at night, don’t just blow it away as something insignificant as it may not be so. To be certain, just notice if he finds some excuse to take the call away from you or gets alarmed every time you pick up his cell phone.

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