10 Signs He Is Embarrassed Of You

10 Signs He Is Embarrassed Of You

There are quite a tell-tale signs that the guy you are going out with is embarrassed of you, whatever on earth the reason might be. It is vital that you recognize them early before you really fall for him cause the realization that he is too embarrassed to go out with you will crush your heart and self-esteem.

1. He doesn’t introduce you to his near and dear ones

Have you ever wondered why he never introduces you to his friends though you know he has quite a lot of them? He might give you some silly excuses like “well, it never came up” but never make the mistake of falling for them. If he really was proud of you and considered himself blessed to have you as his girlfriend, he would definitely shout out to the world that he was dating you.

2. He constantly puts off meetings with your friends and family

Just like his reluctance to let his friends and relatives get to know you, he may also not be too eager to meet yours. Although it could be that he was simply shy or really busy, it is equally possible that he doesn’t actually want to meet any of them as he is not that thrilled of his relationship with you.

3. He doesn’t acknowledge you in public

Does he look through you in social gatherings and tries to avoid you when he catches a sight of you at parties? There can be but one reason for this weird behavior of his and that is his embarrassment of going out with you. He just doesn’t think you up to his standard and wants to avoid being seeing in your company.

4. He never indulges in PDA

Okay, forget PDA, he may not even hold your hands in public. You may try to get a bit cozy but he will always try to maintain a distance with you. Just confront him directly about his behavior and be ready to hear a stupid explanation. You do know the real reason now don’t you? So don’t take up with him any longer.

5. He bolts if anyone he knows comes into sight

Have you ever been in the middle of a date when all of a sudden, he rushed off having sighted one of his colleagues? Apparently he is embarrassed of you and doesn’t want news to spread regarding your relationship.

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