10 Signs a Guy is Trying to Manipulate You

10 Signs a Guy is Trying to Manipulate You

Every relationship has some problems. It is normal to have a tiff at night and mend things up the very next day. In such a normal relationship, you will never feel weird, suffocated or forced to stay in. Sometimes we don’t feel good or satisfied about the relationship and we know that something is wrong. In some cases, it is almost impossible to put a finger at a specific problem that is causing dissatisfaction. Some men manipulate their relations and partners with their charm or power of words. This is one of the main reasons why some women feel uneasy in their relationships. Check out the following signs which can indicate that you have a manipulative partner. You will also find the solutions to these issues.

1. If you seem to fall short of your partner’s expectations always

A manipulative person will always try and make you feel guilty. He will do this every time you fight or have an argument with him. A manipulating man shifts all the blame to his partner in subtle and hard-to-detect ways. He might say things like, “So, are we going to get that dramatic with this conversation?” or “Are you going to get all emotional once again?” He might say these things to make you shut up and stop arguing.

2. If you don’t know where you stand in a relationship

A manipulative man often uses indirect or direct threats to keep his partner in control or anxious. He uses these techniques to hold her onto the relationship. For instance, he might say after a fight that he is not sure of continuing the relationship because he doesn’t think that there is enough understanding between the two of you. This is actually an indirect threat that he will leave you. This is also an emotional attack which makes a woman weak and makes her shut up. In these cases, women might even accept the things they should not!

3. If you always feel guilty or are made to feel that way by your partner

The manipulator is skilled at making his partner feel guilty. He might say “I spent so much money on this anniversary and this is how you thank me?” Such men attack on your emotions and make you feel guilty and sorry for his situation.

4. If you feel that your partner is extremely unpredictable when it comes to affection

A manipulative man will give you a lot of love and affection one day and he will give you a cold shoulder the very next day for no apparent reason. If your man does something like this citing any reason, then it surely is a red flag.

5. If you feel confused and unhappy in your relationship at least 90 percent of the time

In a normal relationship, you won’t feel confused or scared about staying with your partner. On the other hand, if you are not too sure about your future with this man then this can be a sign that your heart is showing. This might be an indication that you have a manipulative partner.

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