10 Signs a Guy Finds You Attractive

10 Signs a Guy Finds You Attractive

Are you confused about how to know when a guy finds you hot? Here are some sure-shot signs to tell you that a guy thinks you are hot!

1. Stare

The guy just can’t stop looking at you. And he doesn’t just stare at your eyes, but looks you over from head to toe! Of course, when you catch him staring at you, he may feel embarrassed and look away.

2. Touch

When the guy touches you necessarily, unnecessarily, sometimes and all the times, it means, he does find you to be hot! He will make up excuses, create situations and talk non-sense just to be near you and touch you.

3. Words

He says things like “Wow! You are so yummy!” or “That dress makes you look irresistible” or “I cant wait to have you!”.

4. Whistles

When guys fall short of words, they use body language and other sounds. When a guy whistles at you from time to time, it just means that he can’t express how sexy you are to him!

5. Show off

So, your guy wants to show you off to the public! He will take you out frequently, introduce you to his friends and boast of you in front of others. He will walk with his head held high when you are with him.

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