10 Reasons You Should Kiss and Tell

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Getting sexually involved with someone is one of the most spontaneous and memorable things that one can indulge in. In your head, it becomes a sweet memory from your blossoming romantic relationship. However, there is often this contemplation over the fact whether you should or shouldn’t talk about it with your friends after you have done it. In other words, should you indulge in the ‘kiss and tell’ act? Here are a few reasons why you should.

1. Sharing an experience makes it memorable

Sometimes, the encounter is such that you would not want to forget it ever. Talking about it will give you a chance to put it in words. When you do that, it will become a story that you will always remember. Such experiences make for interesting memories that you would often want to revisit, and having the right words to express those memories is always great.

2. It always helps you to figure out your feelings

Sometimes, you do something physically, but you are not sure about your emotional status. Talking about it with your friends will help you figure out things better. You can get all sorts of advice and can act on it accordingly. It is always better that things related to your relationship are discussed with your closest friends, especially when you know that you can’t deal with them alone.

3. If you are unsure about what to do next, friends can help

Sometimes, a sexual encounter is the first step towards a beautiful relationship. Other times, it could be a mistake. One often needs to discuss such things, even if it means blabbering over how great it was. You might want to figure out where to take it from there. What to do next? All these questions will be answered when you kiss and tell your friends about it. You all can put your heads together and come up with love strategies. Your friends are your best self-help books, and everything else will fail in front of the suggestions that they will give you, because they know you in and out, and will work out something that suits you best.

4. It makes for an interesting story to share with your girl pals

Meeting up with your girl pals is a lot about gossip sessions, and stories that every girl brings to the table. With your tale, you can feed them a nice story to gossip about. Also, you can have a slumber party where all the girls can talk about what has been up in their life romantically. Moreover, this is the best way to brag about your ‘oh-so-perfect’ relationship, and make them feel jealous!

5. By talking about it, you can tip your friends on how to do it right

Often, you are in girl gangs where a lot of women are not experienced enough. By talking about such things, you share your experiences, and you help increase your friends’ knowledge. Such discussions will help them become better with their relationships. And you never know, there might be a lot that you too could learn from them!

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