10 Reasons Why Having a Boyfriend is Boring

10 Reasons Why Having a Boyfriend is Boring

Being single rocks! You must have heard this more than the number of times considered normal, but yet when you are suddenly around people who are all in relationships, you are forced to think that there is something missing from your life. Well, this is just to remind you that being a single woman actually rocks big time, and how having a boyfriend can be simply boring!

1. You are not the master of your own plans

If you happen to be an obsessive person who enjoys making your own plans and hates succumbing to anyone else’s boring plans, you will hate having a boyfriend. Believe it or not, most couples tend to become dependent on each other for plans, and often unknowingly force each other to become a part of each others’ social circles and agendas. On the other hand, it is a great feeling to make your own plans with your own friends, and do things that you actually enjoy doing.

2. Variety is the spice of life

For the longest time, sexist derivations have pointed out that men like variety. But hello, women like that equally! After all, who would mind attention all the time, and not just from one person but from other men as well. It can be extremely boring to be with one person for a long time, and hence, can become frustrating. Remember Robin from ‘How I Met Your Mother’, all frustrated after she is engaged to Barney because she doesn’t get the kind of attention she used to get as a single woman? You must enjoy and bask in glory with all the attention you get.

3. You can not spice up your sex life

If you are with the same person for a very long time, you have tried almost everything physically with him. Any relationship initially is full of life; funky things in bed always excite couples who have recently gotten together. But over a period of time those things become redundant, and the spunk is lost. People get stuck in a comfort zone, which is convenient, but lacks fun. Just for the revival of that fun, it is important to be with different people.

4. Dealing with a jealous boyfriend is a hassle

One can see so many relationships around us which look pretty scary, because the man in the relationship is overpoweringly jealous. It can be really annoying to deal with the madness a relationship like that brings along with it. You become answerable to your boyfriend, and that can be unrespectable for some women.

5. Sometimes one just has to have some girl time

Remember those endless trips to the mall? Sometimes one doesn’t even want to shop, but just enjoy looking at things and checking out people and gossiping. It is very hard to find a guy who would appreciate these window shopping sprees and have fun with you. You need your girl gang for this. In fact, shopping trips with your boyfriend can turn out to be a total disaster sometimes, especially when they can’t comment properly on your choices or help you in any way.

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