10 Reasons Why Girls Love Edward Cullen

10 Reasons Why Girls Love Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen is a God sent gift for all of us, isn’t he? His looks, his voice, his behavior..we love all those characteristics about him! We even adore Stephenie Meyer for creating such a lovely character who is close to all our hearts. Here are a few reasons why Edward Cullen is so lovable.

1. He is drop dead gorgeous

Of course, this is the first thing that attracts us to Edward Cullen. The way he looks can sweep you off your feet. So whenever he walks by in front of you (even in the book!), you can’t stop yourself from sighing. After all, where do you find such fine, handsome men these days?

2. He’s a caring vampire

We always thought vampires to be horrible, evil, blood sucking creatures who never give a damn about humans’ feelings. But hey! Here’s the first vampire who cares about humans and loves one of them dearly too.

3. He has an irresistible voice

There aren’t many men who have such an attractive voice that we just want to keep hearing them talking. But Edward is a vampire and his voice is just as irresistible as him.

4. He has an amazing willpower

His family of vampires only drink animal blood because they don’t want to kill other humans. But they still remain vampires, right? By Edward having an amazing willpower we mean that it’s Bella’s blood that he craves for the most and yet his love for her and strong willpower refrains him from drinking her blood.

5. He’s stronger than all men combined

Obviously, he’s a vampire and you can’t expect anything less from him. But if he stops a full sized van and even manages to make a dent in it, then that’s awesome isn’t it?

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