10 Reasons Why Girls Love Christian Bale

10 Reasons Why Girls Love Christian Bale

There are plenty of reasons why you should be excited about ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ There is no single reason that stands out, in fact. But what about the actor who plays the title role?Christian Bale is not just an actor; he is a superstar who has proved his mettle as an actor and not just with the Batman movies – the reason why he has countless fans worldwide. Listed below are some reasons why girls love Christian Bale.

1. He is a very serious actor. No matter what role he plays in a film, he just takes it too seriously. Take his role in ‘The Machinist’ for instance. He shed plenty of weight to fit in the role and the drastic change in his appearance even made the viewers shudder with fear. He literally gets in the “skin of the character” both physically and psychologically.

2. He does a background check on the character he plays. Apart from a well research and good understanding of the role, Christian Bale believes in visiting the origin of the character he is about to play. For the latest Batman series, he studied the origin of the comic book character and its eventual evolution before he started acting.

3. As an actor, he has matured from the kid in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Empire of the Sun’ to the star in movies like ‘The Prestige’ and the latest Batman trilogy. He has proved his immense talent in almost all genres of movies till date, except for comedy.

4. He is dedicated about his work and it shows. Whether he appears in a movie or appears in public or at press conferences, he is never there just for the heck of it. Even recently, he visited the victims of the unfortunate Colorado shooting disaster in order to show his support – at a time when extra publicity stunts were not required because his movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was already a blockbuster.

5. He keeps his personal life to himself and it gives him a very mysterious tone – a person you would want to know about but cannot! He still keeps intricate details about his personal life like his daughter’s name from the world.

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