10 Reasons To Cut Down The Intake Of Junk Food

10 Reasons To Cut Down The Intake Of Junk Food

“Junk food is this and junk food is that. Junk food is bad, bad and only bad!” These are some words that you get to hear every now and then. Yet, this less-time consuming, tasty food is so enticing that it’s hard to satisfy your taste buds with just one portion. Once you begin to pamper your taste buds with this lip-smacking junk stuff, you will even forget its bad effects. Hence, before you slip into the junk food ‘trance’, here we enlist 10 reasons why you should cut down the intake of junk food from your diet.

1. Affects digestion

The processed food that you eat is full of trans fat and other preservatives that are hard to digest. As a result, your stomach, intestines and liver is affected, making it swell or get infected. This, eventually, harms your digestion system.

2. Makes you susceptible to diabetes and blood pressure

Processed food or junk food, as you call it, contains huge amounts of sugar which acts as a preservative. As a result, regular intake of junk food makes you susceptible to diabetes. Many people who love eating potato chips, burgers and other ‘fast food’ are also prone to blood pressure, since these food items comprise excess amounts of salts in them.

3. Releases toxins

As mentioned above, junk food is made up of saturated fats that are totally unhealthy. These fats tend to release harmful toxins upon digestion, which are difficult to eliminate from your body.

4. Reduces immunity

No matter how smartly fast food joints’ advertisements tell you the nutritional value of their food, these food items still lack healthy nutrients which are ideal for your body. In fact, with the passage of time, junk food affects the body’s immunity system and makes you prone to various illnesses.

5. Makes you overweight

The excess fats, in processed foods, that are hard to digest tend to stay back in your body. They pile up across your body and make you obese. It’s a vicious circle. Junk food makes you obese and it is mostly obese people, research reveals, who prefer junk food or snacks, instead of cooked meals.

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