10 Pregnancy Facts You Didn’t Know About

10 Pregnancy Facts You Didn't Know About

Pregnancy is one of the best phases in a woman’s life. It is that phase when you get to discover a new side of yourself, someone who’s so patient, so concerned, so mature and so responsible. All of this, thanks to the bundle of joy that is growing inside your womb. Isn’t it? You must have already read hordes of articles on the trimesters of pregnancy, the process of childbirth and the general precautions that you must take during pregnancy. Hence, we’ve researched upon the other stuff and compiled a list of facts that people don’t generally tell you but you must know. Here they are.

1. Your pregnancy can go beyond the 3 trimesters

Yes, you read that right. This doesn’t usually happen though. On an average, childbirth takes place by the 9th month but it can go beyond. Research reveals, in some cases, pregnancy has lasted until a year or so.

2. Your skin actually glows when you are pregnant

You must have heard your mom or aunt telling you that you’re glowing these days. You must have chucked it then and there, assuming they are trying to boost your excitement about pregnancy. But the fact is, your skin actually glows. This happens because during pregnancy the blood volume in your body tends to increase by approximately 50%. As a result, this excess blood tends to show up on your cheeks which makes them glow.

3. Your sense of smell and taste sharpens

During pregnancy, your sense of smell and taste tends to sharpen. Studies explain this to be a natural response among pregnant women to avoid toxins that might be harmful for the fetus.

4. You need not eat for two

Most of the people giving you pregnancy advice will tell you that now you need to eat for two and need to put on weight. All of this is untrue. The fact is, you have to maintain a healthy weight throughout your pregnancy so that you have a smooth delivery. Studies reveal, you need to have only 300 extra calories per day which equals to a serving of yogurt. A total of 25 pounds of weight gain is enough for a smooth pregnancy.

5. Your feet can show noticeable growth

During pregnancy, your feet can grow up to 1-2 shoe sizes. Your feet grow in size so as to be able to hold your weight all throughout your pregnancy. Wondering how well-planned nature is, right?

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