10 Places To Find A Boyfriend

How To Find A Date?

Are you single, looking out for a date? Do you wish to date someone? Then you must take a step forward. You cannot sit within the four walls of your house and expect Prince Charming to stop by. If you want to meet someone, you will have to go out and date guys. Where?

1. Social networking sites

Today, the Internet can instantly find you tons of profiles of interesting people to meet. Sign up for any popular social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Hi5, Ibibo, Myspace or some other site.

2. Among friends’ contacts

Ask a friend to send you on a blind date with someone who they think will get along with you. The best part about this is, it is safe. Firstly because they are your friends and won’t set you up with someone who would cause harm to you. Secondly, since they are your friends, they know you well and will know who will be right for you.

3. Among your friends

If you are unable to mix around with unknown people, why not take a male friend of yours out on a date? For all you know, maybe, he’s the one you’ve been looking out for!

4. Clubs

These can be sports clubs or non-profit associations working for a social cause such as animal welfare etc. You will get the opportunity to meet new people and socialize along with doing the good work. Who knows, you may find your date right there.

5. Gym

Instead of working out with your eyes closed, open them a little. For all you know, your fitness trainer may be a real cutie. You can also check out the other guys who work out in the same gymnasium with you. The best part of all, you will be dating a person who also likes to be fit like you. So, there may be chances that you’d find a date who has similar interests.

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