10 Natural Skin Care Tips To Make Your Skin Smooth And Healthy

10 Natural Skin Care Tips To Make Your Skin Smooth And Healthy

”Hey Pam, you’re glowing today. Looks like you’ve had a great day at work”, said Helen.
”I’ve had a great day at work, but my skin isn’t glowing because of that. It’s something else”, she replied.
“What’s that?”, asked Helen.
“I’ve been following some really great natural skin care tips and routines for keeping my skin smooth and beautiful”, said Pam, coyly.
“Oh Pam, you have to share that with me. Come, let’s go to Garcia’s coffee on the corner and sit down and have a chat about this!”, Helen pulled Pam by her hand. Here are the 10 natural skin care tips that Pam revealed to Helen.

Natural skin care tip #1: Keep clean bowels

“It is said that if you don’t have clean, toxic free bowels, then that might reflect on your skin. A natural skin care tip here would be to have regular meal times and an active lifestyle so that your bodily functions remain in place”, Pam said. “Usually women with erratic schedules tend to mess up with meals and sleep times to end up with bad skin”.

Natural skin care tip #2: Moisturize regularly

“But I do moisturize my skin daily in winter”, Helen said, confused. “That’s the whole thing Helen”, Pam replied. “Even in summer, you’ve got to moisturize your skin. If you feel sweaty, replace your winter oil based moisturizer with water based ones”, she added. “That’s one natural skin care tip that I wasn’t aware of at all”, said Helen.

Natural skin care tip #3: Reduce the use of makeup

“Helen, I’ve noticed you use too much makeup. Not only will it clog your pores, but you’ll be in even more trouble if you don’t cleanse your makeup every day before you sleep”, Pam advised. “I do cleanse my makeup before sleeping, but sometimes when I’m tired, I just hit the bed”, Helen confessed. “Helen, consider my natural skin care tip and reduce your makeup use”, Pam said.

Natural skin care tip #4: Don’t squeeze pimples

“I have to tell you about this natural skin care tip that has worked wonders for me”, Pam said, excited. “If you spot a zit on your face, DO NOT squeeze it. This will only lead to more acne, more zits and it may leave scars on your face”, Pam opined. “Trust me Helen, use this natural skin care tip and consider treating your pimples with medicinal skin creams, not your hands!”, she laughed.

Natural skin care tip #5: Get a natural face pack once in a while

“My husband says that I spend too much on the spa. But I like getting my face spruced up once in a while”, Helen said. “This brings me to my next natural skin care tip. Instead of getting expensive oil treatments or facial massages at a fancy spa, you can opt for a home-based fruit face pack. Take 2-3 chilled cucumbers, papaya or strawberry slices, dip them in one cup of cold yogurt and apply them all over the face. Rinse thoroughly after leaving them on for 15-20 minutes”. We totally agree with Pam’s cool natural skin care tip.

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