10 Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

10 Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

Although most men are well-meaning in their relationships, they may have some habits that can completely tick women off. So girls, is your guy making some of these mistakes? Read below and find out.

1. Being very possessive

If they think they will be impressing their partner by showing off how possessive they are of her, men are wrong. Women do enjoy a certain amount of possessiveness but can’t tolerate an excess. Cross the line and they will see the man as a jerk.

2. Seeing their mother in their partner

Men who have been spoilt by their mother’s love and care often make the mistake of expecting to see a mirror image of their mother in their partner. They must understand that their partner has her own personality and would not like to behave in a way that they would want her to. And she may also not have the same personality traits as her man’s mother.

3. Interpreting advice as criticism

It is a well established fact that women give free flowing advice. Men are supposed listen to the important parts and chuck away the trashy bits! They must be light with their partner’s nagging and advice. It is simply a sign that she cares for her man. If men start taking their advice seriously and pick up fights, it will unnecessarily turn nasty.

4. Keeping no mystery

It’s good to know everything about each other, but it’s an unwritten rule that women prefer mystery in their man’s personality. Surprising the lady with a personality trait that she has never known before or displaying a talent that she is unaware of will make a woman like her man even more. Laying out all their cards in the open from the very beginning makes their partner lose all the interest in them.

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