10 Little Things that Every Mother Must Give Her Child

10 Little Things that Every Mother Must Give Her Child

We read and talk a lot about what parents expect from their children. However, for mothers, it is really important to know and understand what her child wants her to provide him with. This understanding is really crucial and important, simply because for a child, his mother means everything to him from the moment he is born, till death separates them. The bond between a mother and a child is such that a mother always has to understand her little one’s wishes, while the child enjoys unconditional love and support. Here are a few things that every mother must provide to her child.

1. Unconditional love

This love is one, which surpasses or overpowers any other kind of love that the child may experience in his life. This love is the foundation of a strong bond, which starts in the mother’s womb, and lasts forever. The child expects his mother to love him the most, above everyone else.

2. Strong support

A child looks up to his mother for support, all the time. This is not just physical support where the child depends on his mother to first learn walking, but also mental support, where the child knows at the back of his head that his mother will be there for him, always. As children grow older, they also expect their mothers to support them through big decisions of life.

3. Forgiveness

Children make mistakes of all kinds. But they make those mistakes and learn from them, only because they know that their mother will forgive them. Without this forgiveness, little children would never have the courage to move on fearlessly and learn from their mistakes. So every child wants his mother to be a forgiver and help him, when nobody else in the world would.

4. Lessons of life

No academic institution can teach those things that a mother can to her child, about life, family and relationships. A child expects his mother to be the source of most teachings in life. Every child faces his first form of enlightenment from his mother, when she answers her child’s endless questions.

5. A sense of belongingness

Children feel miserable if they don’t have someone to call their own. They want their mother to give them a sense of belongingness, so that they feel wanted and loved. Each child wants to feel special, and wants his mother to tell him that he is important.

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