10 Interesting Wedding Facts From Around the World

10 Interesting Wedding Facts From Around the World

Weddings are joyous occasions which are celebrated in innumerable ways around the world. Every married couple has an interesting marriage story to tell, replete with a variety of rituals, trivia and customs. Here are 10 such interesting and funny wedding facts from around the world that will help you gain a better insight into the world of weddings.

1. In England it’s believed that if you happen to espy a spider crawling on your wedding dress, then it should be considered as a symbol of good luck.

2. Among the many post marriage rituals in India, is one wherein the newlyweds have to dip their hand in a vessel filled with milk. There is a ring inside this vessel and the one who finds it first will be the one who will dominate the other.

3. About 17 tonnes of gold are made into wedding rings every year in the US.

4. It was Queen Victoria who started the worldwide trend of donning a pristine white full wedding dress in 1840. Before this, women generally wore the best dress they had on D-Day.

5. In the Christian wedding ceremony, the bride stands on her groom’s left side. This is because it’s believed that in medieval times, the right hand of the groom had to be free to ward off other suitors.

6. The longest engagement ever recorded was between Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez who were engaged for a whopping 67 years.

7. Richard and Carole Roble, husband and wife from New York seem to be the most adventurous married couple. They have renewed their vows 55 times, all in different locations, and in each of the fifty states of the US.

8. Never propose your lover with a pearl ring because it’s considered bad kick since its shape is that of a teardrop.

9. In the Netherlands, a pine tree is planted outside the newly weds’ house as a symbol of fertility and luck.

10. The engagement ring that Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s son proposed to Princess Salama of Dubai with in May 1981 is considered to be the most costly engagement ring ever with a price tag of $44 million. You wish you could be as lucky as her.

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