10 Interesting Facts About the Late Margaret Thatcher

10 Interesting Facts About the Late Margaret Thatcher

The first female prime minister of Britain, the late Margaret Thatcher, recently breathed her last breath. She was an iconic female revolutionary who showed the world that it is not really a man’s world after all. She set new standards for women in the world of politics which was seen mainly as a male dominated one. Here are some interesting facts about this strong lady.

1. She was the longest serving prime minister of Britain. She was in office for eleven years, from 1979 to 1990.

2. Not only was this lady a successful politician, she was also a successful chemist who earned her degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford. She also worked as a chemist for sometime before joining politics.

3. A very interesting fact about her is that she not only worked as a research chemist, she was also instrumental in the invention of the popular ice cream that we now call ‘Softy.’ She used to work at a Hammersmith food manufacturer called J. Lyons and Company and was part of a team which had to ‘whip more air into ice cream.’ This kind of dessert was called ‘soft ice cream’ which had lesser ingredients and saved money on production costs.

4. Her favorite color was turquoise. So besides being a chemist and a politician, she also had a good taste in fashion.

5. Although she was an iconic lady, she was quite hated by her country’s inhabitants too. The country was divided between her followers and her haters during her rule because she was a member of the Conservative Party and hence did not implement any of the governmental Welfare State policies which were promoted as the norm after World War 2.

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