10 Interesting Facts About “The Dark Knight Rises”

10 Interesting Facts About 'The Dark Knight Rises

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is one the highly anticipated and biggest movies of the year. The movie is already a success and it surpasses expectations. Christopher Nolan, the director, delivers another masterpiece and with elan. If you have already watched the movie, well and good. If not, here are ten interesting facts about the movie which would compel you to watch ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Rest assured; these facts do not contain spoilers!

1. Though Christopher Nolan is the second director to complete a movie trilogy on one superhero (Sam Raini made the Superman movies), he is the first to direct a complete trilogy on Batman.

2. Christopher Nolan expressly refused to film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in 3D. In order to improve the quality of the picture, however, he used IMAX cameras for many parts of the movie.

3. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is not only the longest movie in the Batman trilogy, but it is also the longest movie Christopher Nolan has directed till date. The flick is 2 hours and 45 minutes long and considering the interval time, you may well have to be seated in the theater for a little over 3 hours. The length of the movie was indispensable in order to provide a satisfactory conclusion to the trilogy and to bring all conflicts in the stories to completion.

4. Though essentially a superhero movie, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (or any movie in the trilogy) is not merely an entertainer. It definitely more than entertains. But these movies also have a deep psychological undertone, an in-depth character portrayal and complex storylines which make it a serious movie of the caliber of Oscar-winners.

5. Heinz field, the site of an American football game in Pittsburgh, was used for a crucial scene in the movie. Players of the Pittsburgh Steelers playing the Gotham Rogues Football team and about 11000 extras were used for the filming the particular sequence.

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