10 Inexpensive Ways To Look Beautiful

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Everybody wants to look beautiful. Yet, it becomes a little hard when you are forced to spend extra money towards beauty. So money or beauty? It is a difficult choice, isn’t it? Well, why not both? Here we present to you 10 inexpensive ways to look beautiful.

1. Eat healthy

Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you have to eat expensive food. Avoid oily and junk food. Whole grains, brown rice, nuts, skimmed milk, skimpy meat, egg whites, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy and also very good for your skin.

2. Trim and keep your nails clean

Dirty nails are super gross. So make sure that you clean and trim your nails regularly. You don’t even need to visit a salon. You can simply paint them using neat colors at home.

3. Look after your teeth

Nothing can be a bigger turn off than a girl with a sleazy set of teeth. Hence, make sure that you brush your teeth daily. The moment you spot cavities, visit a dentist. Also, make sure you floss regularly in order to maintain healthy white, shiny teeth.

4. Take care of your hair

Shampoo and condition your hair regularly. Keep your hair clean and free from dirt. If you have long hair, make it a point to tie it up while traveling. Also avoid excessive brushing to prevent hair breakage.

5. Care for those feet

Many a times, women get so occupied with the rest of their body that they tend to neglect their feet. Make sure that you take good care of your feet and don’t let them develop cracks. Also, see to it that you cut your toenails regularly, as they tend to carry more dirt.

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