10 Healthy Snacks For Kids

10 Healthy Snacks For Kids

Given their way, children would love to live on a diet rich with chocolates and every possible sweet in the world. So being able to come up with snacks that will both allure them and also be healthy is a task. However, when those little tummies are grumbling, here are a few healthy snack ideas for kids to experiment with.

1. Go fruity

Cut up some apples, bananas and all the fruits you can find and add some vanilla ice cream to it. Not only will your little one fall in love with it, but he/she’ll also be having a lot of vitamins and minerals from all those cut fruits. Since kids do require ample amount of fruit intake every day, experiment with different flavors. Another alternative is to use dry fruits and yogurt in place of fruits and vanilla ice cream.

2. Cereal love

Cereal is extremely healthy and important as they are full in fiber which helps to improve digestion. Mix up cereal with some yogurt or even better, add some flavored yogurt.

3. Berry muffins

Play around with blue berries and raspberries or maybe some strawberries and bake muffins. Berries are known to be very healthy and also known for their antioxidant properties.

4. Smoothies

Blend all those fruits, some yogurt and milk to create yummy smoothies. The best part is that you can experiment a lot with these ingredients.

5. Apple pudding

Apples are rich in vitamins and minerals and basically everything your child needs. So, slice some apples and transform them into a pudding to come up with a healthy and yummy snack.

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