10 Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

10 Gifts For Someone Who Has Everything

It’s the holiday season and it’s a reason to smile as well as sweat. Smile, as you are receiving gifts and sweat, because you have to return the gesture! But are you worried about what to gift someone who has everything that money can buy? You might want to try out these useful, though unique items that you can gift that person. Continue reading to know what are those items.

1. Wallet pen

A pen that could be fit inside a wallet would come in so handy, wouldn’t it? Then gift someone this handmade 3-inch wallet pen.

2. Grow your own Bonsai Kit

The satisfaction of seeing a plant grow is truly amazing. Why don’t you give that contentment to someone else? You can gift a bonsai kit which includes tree and moss seeds, growing medium, growing wafers, a rake with spade, a pair of bonsai scissors with three seedling pots.

3. Python iPad cover

If that person has everything, it obviously includes an iPad as well as its cover. How about gifting him/her a unique hand-crafted and dyed python cover? This python leather cover will be one of his/her most valued possessions if he/she loves classy things.

4. Chalkboard coffee mug

Here comes a smart as well as useful gift for the person who has everything. This coffee mug has a special glaze that will let you write on it with a chalk. Yes! So drink coffee and have an inspirational morning message on your mug or in the evening, let it reflect your mood at work and draw a sad smiley. Won’t it be cool to gift it?

5. Blooming tea set

The taste buds will be heightened when a person drinks tea from this tea set. Just pour hot water in the glass pot and witness the blooming of the teas into variety of shapes. Then drink the tea and savor it’s unique and amazing taste.

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