10 Fun Snow Activities for Kids

10 Fun Snow Activities for Kids

Winter doesn’t just bring along cold waves but it also brings along many opportunities for you. This season allows you to have fun with your kids in snow. You must encourage your kids to go out and play in the snow. This will let your kids learn new things while having a great time together. Listed here are some fun activities for you and your in the snow.

1. Pick some hula hoops and organize a competition. You can have this contest to see who lasts longest.

2. Make snow globes sitting in the snow with your kids. Take some clear glass jars, take off their lids and fill them up with water. Afterwards, paste toys on the inner side of all the lids using superglue. Once the toys are fixed properly, put on the lids on your jars. You can also add glitter in the water.

3. Encourage your kids to choose different animals which they will be making with snow. You can use twigs, bright colored paper balls and food colors to make the snow animals. For instance, your kids can make a long caterpillar having two eyes and two antennas.

4. Snow is purely white and it makes a great canvas for your little ones. You can give them some spray bottles having water that is tinted with food colors. You can arrange a small painting contest and encourage every kid to perform his/her best.

5. Teach your kids to make snow caves or snow pits. With the help of this activity, you can tell them how snow pits are useful for survival in snow.

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