10 Fun Christmas Traditions Around the World

10 Fun Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas brings cheer to almost all parts of the world. Here is a sneak peak at how people around the world celebrate Christmas and the unique traditions and customs that they follow.

1. Paper crowns and Christmas

It is interesting to note that while eating their Christmas dinner, the British wear paper crowns on their heads. Moreover, these crowns are kept in a tube which is known as a “Christmas cracker.”

2. Spider webs on Christmas trees

You will be surprised to know that in Poland, spiders or spider webs are often used for decorating the Christmas trees. There is also a legend that once a spider wove a blanket to cover Baby Jesus. Furthermore, for the Polish people, spiders are considered as the symbols of prosperity and goodness at Christmas.

3. The traditional Christmas dinner

Here is a fun fact about the Christmas dinner tradition. Long before turkey became a Christmas meal favorite, people in England used to eat a pig’s head and mustard as part of the traditional dinner.

4. The “Urn of Fate”

For many Italian households, the “Urn of Fate” (an ornamental bowl) forms an important part of Christmas festivities. They bring it out on Christmas Eve. Also, the urn carries wrapped presents for all the members of the family. The whole family gathers around and each member takes turns at drawing a gift from the urn.

5. Christmas cheer for the workers

As part of the legal system, workers in Italy, Greece, Germany, and Spain get one month’s salary as part of the Christmas bonus.

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