10 Foods That Cause Gas

Foods That Cause Gas

Although the level of intensity varies from person to person, some foods are specially held responsible for causing gas in people. Some of them have been listed below so that the next time you hold the menu, you would know which food to order and which to avoid.

1. Beans

The main culprit for causing gas is beans, no matter which variety you choose. In fact, most of the leguminous foods are known to cause gas. But, don’t lose heart if you are a beans-lover because, enzyme supplements are available in the market that can prevent the embarrassing side effect of this foodstuff.

2. Broccoli

Number two on this list is broccoli. These visibly innocent green things cause gas and bloating. But that doesn’t mean you should quit eating broccoli. It is a very nutritious food-product if you can ignore the negative effect of gas.

3. Dairy products

Except yogurt, almost all other dairy products cause gas due to the presence of the sugar lactose. The effect is much more in individuals who are lactose intolerant though normal people are not left out either.

4. Soft drinks

Carbonated drinks can also cause gas apart from adding to your calories and hence it is best to avoid them or at least reduce their intake.

5. Fruits

Although fruits should be eaten regularly to provide your body with essential nutrients, nowhere else does the saying ‘everything too much is bad’ fit better than here. The reason is that fruits contain fructose and the excess fructose is broken down by fermentation producing gas as a byproduct.

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