10 First Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband

10 First Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband

The first anniversary is kept on a pedestal by everyone. And why not? It is a celebration of the time two people have spent with one another, where they have cherished each other’s joys and sorrows alike and held each other in times of need. All this and much more is experienced and accomplished by a newly wed couple since the day of their holy binding till their first anniversary. It is only appropriate that you make your anniversary special for your husband as he will so dearly reciprocate the same gesture. The best way to commemorate a distinct day is by giving him a gift that he will value all his life. We have a list of items that you can gift your husband on your first anniversary.

1. Photo framed poem

The first year is symbolized by paper. So giving something related and even customizing it for your husband is the perfect idea for your first anniversary. Order a photo frame online, write a poem for him and place it inside the frame. You can also include variations by ordering a photo frame that already has a poem written – choose it according to your preferences, or you can include a photograph of you and him clicked on the wedding day or some other special occasion.

2. Surprise weekend trip/vacation

You need to plan this a bit in advance as you’ll need to get the destination planned, hotel reservations done and other things. But also keep in mind the interests of your husband. Did he say something about visiting Hawaii as a child? Did he always wanted to go to the Bahamas or take a road trip? So decide your destination accordingly. It needn’t be a new country, it can also be within your state if that’s where your husband wishes to go.

3. First year ‘moments’ book

This is another paper gift that will celebrate your togetherness. You need to have a scrapbook, your wedding invitation card, wedding day photos, honeymoon photos, photo of your first house, your first play/game tickets, and the list goes on. Be as creative and thoughtful as you can! But yes, you need to plan and save all this a long time before your anniversary. Whatever you decide to include in your moments book, make it special and add your thoughts and feelings here and there.

4. Love coupons

Write down a set of lovey-dovey things that you would like to do for your husband like massage for 30 minutes, a relaxed bath with him, no disturbance while he’s watching TV (depends on you for how many days you want to do that!), doing dishes for some period of time and so on. Get imaginative and write whatever you wish to do for him and see his smile grow wider when he reads them!

5. Revisit the ‘first memories’ you had

This is an activity that you’ll have to indulge in on your anniversary day. Remember where you had your first date? The place where you first met? Where you kissed? Where he or you proposed? Yes, we are sure you do. So take your hubby along to those places and remember those lovely moments together. Also, plan a surprise gift for him at every stage. If he/you proposed at a restaurant, get in touch with the manager and tell him to play a favorite song of your husband after you both are seated or while you’re having dessert. Sounds good, right?

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