10 Facts About WWII That You Should Know

10 Facts About WWII That You Should Know

Did you know that WWII has been the deadliest conflict in mankind’s history? As much as we hate destruction, fighting and wars, we think it is important to know some of the facts about WWII. Here are 10 facts about WWII that you should know.

WWII Fact #1: More than 60 million deaths

We can’t even imagine that kind of human loss, can you? As impossible as it sounds, historians estimate the death toll of World War II between 50 and 70 million, including more than 40 million civilians. We don’t know about you, but these numbers have left us speechless.

WWII Fact #2: WWII started on September 1, 1939

Although there had been constant wars amongst various countries, September 1, 1939 is the generally accepted date as the beginning of WWII. Do you know how it began? WWII began when Germany invaded Poland in September 1939.

WWII Fact# 3: Germany invaded 4 countries simultaneously

We’ve all heard that the Germans had strong and mighty forces. But can you even believe that the German forces invaded 4 countries simultaneously on May 10, 1940? Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Netherlands were under attack as the German troops advanced.

WWII Fact #4: Allied Powers – ‘The Big Three’

The term ‘Allied Powers’ is a familiar term because we all know that it refers to countries that were fighting against the Axis Powers (Germany and its alliance). But did you know that the leaders of USA, Soviet Block and the British Empire were known as The Big Three? Yes, they considered themselves to be the leaders of the Allied powers and often called themselves ‘Policemen’.

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