10 Easy Ways To Stop Smoking And Lead A Healthier Life

10 Easy Ways To Stop Smoking And Lead A Healthier Life

You might be aware of the fact that cigarettes are so very injurious to your health and also lead to cancer, heart attacks, early death and respiratory problems. Have you been trying to quit smoking since a long time? Then, you have come to the right place. We can help you to stop smoking and lead a better and much healthier life with these simple ways.

1. Be firm

Before even thinking about quitting to smoke, you need to be firm in your mind that you just have to stop smoking, come what may. You have to remind yourself that smoking is bad for your health as well as for those around you who inhale the secondary smoke. If you yourself are fickle about quitting, then there’s hardly a chance you will be able to.

2. Make a list of the reasons to quit

This is another way to help you to stop smoking. You should make a list of all the reasons why you want to stop smoking, say for your daughter, your son, your mother, your father, your brother, your husband…you get the gist.

3. Plan a quitting day

For you to stop smoking, you need to set up a fixed date as to when you are actually planning to take the big step. This will also help you from delaying quitting.

4. Tell others about it

Once you set up one date when you will actually stop smoking, tell your friends, relatives and family about it. This way, even if you sneak out and plan not to quit smoking that day, there will be your loved ones around to help you to jog your memory.

5. Don’t keep cigarettes near you

If a child sees a chocolate, won’t he/she be tempted to eat it? Same goes for you and those cigarettes. To help you to stop smoking and live a healthier life, you should throw away all cigarettes and other tobacco products. Also, don’t keep those things anywhere in your house, car or office that remind you about smoking like cigarette lighters, ashtrays, cigarette holders and the likes.

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