10 Early Symptoms Of Alzheimers Disease

10 Early Symptoms Of Alzheimers Disease

Alzheimer is one disease that affects the family members and close relatives as much as the person suffering from it. How would it feel if your husband would not remember your name? Wouldn’t you be emotionally strained if your mother didn’t recognize you when you pass by her? Alzheimer’s disease is a far serious condition than what it seems. After all, it is the 6th leading cause of death in the United Sates, with no significant improvement in finding its cure. Mentioned below are the early signs of Alzheimer’s. If you or someone you know develops one or more of these signs in varying intensities, it’s time to see a doctor.

1. Loss of memory

Memory loss is one of the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease – more specifically, not remembering that information which they have recently learnt. Other instances of memory loss are not remembering important dates or appointments, needing the help of alarm clocks or family members to remember things or work that they could manage themselves earlier. For instance, leaving the clothes in the washing machine.

2. Inability to perform daily chores

Sometimes, it can happen that people start forgetting what they do everyday. It may be something as simple as cooking up a meal, using the telephone or going to the market. They may be unable to perform such tasks that were familiar to them since a long time.

3. Lacking in concentration

They can also become inept in concentrating at tasks and establishing a plan and sticking to it. They may have difficulty in working with numbers and may not be able to perform well at their work too. They may find it difficult to manage monthly bills. They also become slow in doing these tasks and take longer time than they used to earlier.

4. Confusion about time and place

One of the symptoms of Alzheimer is that they may be dazed as to where they are, even if they are standing in their own home or lane. They are disoriented about time and place. They cannot make out how they reached some place or why the weather has changed.

5. Weakness in language

With old age, people may be unable to recall some words. But those with Alzheimer’s disease find difficulty in remembering even simple words. They will then interchange the words and make their sentences incoherent. It may also happen that they will simply stop talking midway or repeat the same thing as they don’t remember what they were talking about.

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