10 Dating Tips for Introverted Girls

10 Dating Tips for Introverted Girls

If you are an introvert, chances are that you are still single. You’ve got the inclination, but you are too shy to take the first step and go up and talk to any guy. Do you wish to go against all of this and start dating a guy of your choice?

1. Don’t avoid overtures of friendship

So, you’re not able to initiate contact. But that does not mean that if a nice and decent guy makes a gesture of friendship, you should reject his overtures by freezing him out. Be accessible and friendly and don’t retreat into your shell if someone says ‘hello’.

2. Be confident

You might feel you’re unattractive if you have braces or zits on your face. But that is nothing to feel embarrassed about. Get a good haircut, which suits your face and wear clothes which flatter you and make you look good. If you feel you are overweight, join a gym or a dance class. Knowing and enhancing your high points will give you confidence.

3. Don’t be a pushover

Being friendly does not mean being desperate. If you are always trying to please your boyfriend, you will not feel good about yourself. This will make you go deeper into your shell because somewhere deep down, you will not like to be this way. A guy who does not respect your feelings is not worth going out with.

4. Have a positive attitude

Don’t give off gloomy vibes the whole time. Stand tall. Don’t hunch over as though you’re trying to hide from the world. Maintain eye contact when someone talks to you. Be quick to smile. These are small things that will make you feel good about yourself and will attract people towards you.

5. Don’t be intimidated by social gatherings

If you dress well and feel attractive, you will be attractive. Attend parties and social gatherings. Try to take the initiative in going up to someone you might be attracted to and saying hello. Be the one to break the ice. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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