10 Creative Ways to Find If He Likes You

Creative Ways to Find If He Likes You

Have you been feeling all dewy-eyed whenever you meet that special guy in your group? Want to gage whether he feels the same way? Following are some creative ways that will help you pick up important signs. Check out 10 signals he gives to say that he likes you too.

1. He singles you out for a quick drink among other friends

If your buddy tries to pick you every single time for a quick break at the bar, it may show that he wants to spend some time alone with you.

2. He deeply cares for you

Does he hold your hand for the brief seconds that you are at a crossing? Does he offer to drop you home every time? If so, he deeply cares about you and wants you to be safe always.

3. He throws compliments at you unexpectedly

This is one of the most conspicuous ways anyone can show their true feelings for their crush. Your “buddy” compliments you at totally unexpected times and for even the tiniest things? Don’t get wondering. He might actually be trying to say to you that friendship is not enough for him.

4. He calls you often to meet up at unfrequented places

Some romantic friend he is! Calls you up often and asks you to meet him at the Golden Gate Bridge or for a sunset walk in Crissy Field? A sure sign that he wants to spend some quality time with you alone!

5. He finds excuses to shower you with gifts

A present without an occasion says it all. If your “friend ” gets you a gift, however small, every time you meet, it’s a clear message that he thinks of you as more than just an ordinary friend.

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