10 Commandments for a Healthy Marriage

10 Commandments for a Healthy Marriage
The wedding vows you take during marriage ceremony are sacred, but not enough to cover the whole spectrum of the institution called matrimony. Here are the 10 commandments, which if you follow, will surely keep your marriage intact and healthy.

1. Thou shalt not sleep over a fight

This golden rule ought to be followed if you have been engaged in a furious argument at night. Even if the discussion stretches till 6 am the next day, finish it and only then hit the sack. If you sleep over a fight, the next day will go bad anyway, and you would have disturbed sleep. Kiss and make up before snoozing.

2. Thou shalt respect each other’s choices

If he is a vegetarian by choice, likes seeing mindless comedies once in a while, prefers sports over word games, then respect his choices. Don’t marry to change him.

3. Thou shalt communicate and share

Daily communication and sharing of thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences are a must. This is what sustains the most important relationship of your life.

4. Thou shalt not get influenced by others

Do what your heart and gut feelings say. Don’t get influenced by a couple of people, be it in-laws, friends, colleagues or even your own parents. No one knows your relationship better than you.

5. Digging up other issues during an argument is not valid

Argue about the current problem on hand. Don’t make the common mistake of lashing out with all your other last misgivings and issues about your partner. This will make things spiral out of control, downwards.

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