10 Clever Facebook Statuses

10 Clever Facebook Statuses

Are you suffering from a ‘Facebook status block’ lately? There are times when you just want to post something clever, something very amazing on Facebook. But your thoughts are unresponsive. Don’t worry. We’ve come up with a solution for that. Here are some clever Facebook statuses to jazz up your Facebook profile.

1. This year for Christmas, I’m writing statuses for all my Facebook friends. It’s cheap and they’ll be funnier.

2. Evolution is just nature’s way of issuing upgrades.

3. Silence is having nothing to say and saying it.

4. I love my mood ring. When I am happy its green, romantic its blue, sad it’s black, nervous it’s yellow and angry… it leaves a huge welt on your forehead.

5. I dream of a better world…where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.

6. Put your hand up if you think I am crazy…then think again…I mean who is the one sticking their hand up at a computer screen?

7. What do I do when I come across someone really gorgeous? I stare, I smile and then I get tired and put the mirror down.

8. I am nobody. Nobody is perfect, therefore I’m perfect.

9. Insert coin to view my status message.

10. I haven’t been ignoring you. I’ve been prioritizing you.

These clever statuses are sure to make you a favorite among your friends!

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