10 Biggest Mistakes Girls Make While Hitting On Guys

10 Biggest Mistakes Girls Make While Hitting On Guys

In the days of yore, ‘hitting’ on someone was considered mainly to be the domain of guys. But that’s not true anymore. Girls are at par with boys these days in this generation. But for all you girls out there, some important points are to be kept in mind while hitting on a guy to make sure he doesn’t bolt the moment you say ‘Hi’! These basically constitute the biggest mistakes girls make while hitting on guys.

1. Don’t use a poor pickup line

The first impression is lasting. And besides, if you randomly use a crazy pickup line you picked up from somewhere on the net, chances are there won’t be any further impression to make as you are never going to have a date.

2. Don’t keep falling all over him

A little bit of boldness is good but not too much. Otherwise you will make yourself seem too available. Remember that this is the real world and hence think twice before you try to use the seductive tactics you saw in some movie. If you come across as being too bold, you may just scare him off rather than attracting him.

3. Don’t get wasted

If you met him in a bar, chances are that he will offer to buy you a drink. It’s perfectly okay to say yes if you like him but that doesn’t mean you will guzzle a barrel of drinks and get sloshed. Otherwise you may end up doing something that you will later regret.

4. Don’t shove your number into his hands

If he likes you, he will definitely ask for your number; so there is no rush for you to do so yourself. It will make you look too interested or worse still, too available if you know what we mean.

5. Don’t bore him with your autobiography

Some girls have the habit of babbling on and on about themselves. This is a definite turn off for guys. Mentioning where you graduated from is fine, but giving an eloquent description of Miss Audrey’s English classes may make even the most interested of guys doze off. So the bottom line is know when to stop. Let him speak as well.

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