10 Best Ways to Improve Your Mood at Work

Best Ways to Improve Your Mood at Work

You spent most of your time slaving away in your cubicle. Either there is a monotonous routine to deal with or all- hands-on-deck frenzy to grapple. If that is not enough, there are always unappreciative bosses, gossipy colleagues, office bullies or impossible excel sheets that you can’t ignore. Instead of allowing these elements to get better of you, you can create your own Zen den in the center of the storm. Here are few stress-busters that can improve your mood at work.

1. Tune in to your favorite music

Music alters your state of mind like nothing else.

2. Watch a funny video

From Gangnam style dance to Heavy Metal Farmer to toppling Brides, Youtube can perk up your mood in two shakes of lamb’s tale.

3. Look at bright cheerful pictures

Images of cupcakes, home decors, and Cappuccino latte art will lighten your mood. Surf through colorful creative ideas and photos featured.

4. Whiff some essential goodness

Dab few drops of your favorite essential oil on your handkerchief and sniff in every now and then!

5. Paint your nails

A fresh new coat of florescent nail paint and the office will seem a shade better than before.

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