10 Bad Parenting Habits

10 Bad Parenting Habits

Once you take up the role of a parent, it can be challenging and confusing. There are times when you just don’t know what to do or how to do it. Bringing up kids in the right manner is difficult, and no matter how hard you try, you are bound to make some mistake or the other. We give you some of the parenting habits that you must stay clear of.

1. Fulfilling all their demands

If you meet your kids’ every demand and keep pampering them all the time, then they will never learn the value of earning something. When they feel that all they have to do is ask mom or dad, then they will never understand the significance of hard-earned money and how difficult it is to actually earn a dollar. Just remember to fulfill all of your kids’ needs but not their every demand.

2. Not spending enough time with them

There is no substitute for the quality time that you actually spend with your kids. No matter how many presents or toys you bring them, nothing will be as effective as you being with them and giving them undivided attention. Being with your kids becomes especially important during their formative years since it helps in building a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.

3. Misdirected anger

It is not fair to just take out all your anger on your kids, regardless of what made you angry. If you have had a rough day at work or you are having conflicts with your spouse, then it is not an excuse to take out the frustration on your kids. This will leave them confused and they will feel as if they are the reason behind your anger and distress.

4. Having unrealistic expectations

As a parent, you have every right to have some positive expectations from your child. However, if your expectations are irrational and extremely difficult to meet, then this can prove detrimental for your child’s overall growth. Your kids will grow up feeling that they are not good enough, no matter how well they do.

5. Comparing them with other kids

It is extremely hurtful for the child when you keep comparing him/her to other kids. Always try to remind your child that he/she is special and unique. Your constant comparisons will make the child grow up to be envious and jealous of others and will make him/her develop a negative kind of competitiveness. Your kids will eventually try to bring others down in order to prove to you that they are better than the other kids.

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