10 Annoying Things that Couples Do

10 Annoying Things that Couples Do

Even love can get annoying if it goes overboard. Sometimes couples take it too far and what they consider ‘cute’ becomes extremely ‘irritating’ for others. Here’s a list of 10 annoying things that couples do which make others suffer:

1. Excessive display of mushy love in public

It’s cute to see a couple holding hands or occasionally stealing glances at each other. Gentle embraces and loving kisses look cute too, but what happens when you are exposed to a full movie of love, romance, passion and excessive drooling right in front of your eyes? Phew! That’s downright annoying.

2. Calling each other using ‘romantic’ nicknames all the time

‘Honey’, ‘Darling’ are okay, but listening to intimate romantic nicknames all the time is a big no no. Annoying couples often have the habit of showing off their immense love and they don’t mind anyone’s presence. So while you are trying to eat in peace, your ears might hurt from being exposed to excessively sweet cooing and sugar coated names like ‘sugar bun,’ ‘sweetie pie’ ‘my doh nut,’ ‘hot roll’ and what not!

3. Effectively excluding everyone from their conversation

Everything is about them, what they did together, how they went together to that movie, or how they baked the cake together, or how they watched the beautiful sunset, or how they bathed in the glory of Mother Nature on some exotic romantic vacation… the list is endless. No wonder you get the feeling of being invisible!

4. Lecturing ‘singles’ on true love and the urgency to find ‘the one’

Since they found true love, they want everyone to find theirs too. So they leave no stone unturned to make their single friends realize how ‘unlucky’ they are for not having found true love.

5. Acting like matchmakers all the time

They feel it’s their cosmic duty to hook up all the singles. So if you are the poor single friend of such a couple, then you’ll find yourself at their mercy as they try to hook you up with every ‘eligible’ and ‘potential’ marriage partner. God be with you!

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